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Attention ATM Debit Card Holders. Important Information.

The VISA Account Updater service is being added to your FBFCU ATM Debit Card. This service allows VISA to supply your FBFCU ATM Check Card information any time it changes to each of your automatic bill payment merchants, such as your insurance provider, cable provider or health club. Typically this will occur when your ATM Debit Card is reissued to you with a new expiration date, but it may also happen if you lose your ATM Debit Card and it is reissued to you with a new card number and expiration date. Having this service will save you the inconvenience of notifying each automatic bill payment merchant individually with your new information and will ensure that you do not experience an interruption in service. If you do not which to participant in the VISA Account Updater service, please call the Credit Union at 860-584-0956.