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Important ATM Debit Card Reminders


First Bristol's ATM Debit Card debit transaction daily limit is $1,000 per day. If you are planning on making a purchase greater than $1,000 you can request a 24-hour temporary increase. Just call the Credit Union at 860-584-0956.

US Travel:
When traveling within the US and using First Bristol's ATM Debit Card, you may receive a fraud alert that will prevent you from completing your transaction. If you should get a fraud alert, call the Credit Union at 860-584-0956. You do have the option to prevent this from happening by calling the Credit Union before you go on vacation and requesting a Travel status. A Travel status can be place for a period of up to 2 weeks. However, beware a Travel status turns off fraud monitoring so you must be diligent in monitoring your transactions and reporting any fraudulent transactions to the Credit Union.

International Travel:
If you are planning to travel internationally, you MUST request a Travel status by calling the Credit Union at 860-584-0956.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU DO THIS AS THE CREDIT UNION AUTOMATICALLY BLOCKS INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS TO LESSEN THE CHANCES OF FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY.


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