VISA Debit Card & CardValet

Mobile Banking with CardValet® - Protect the cards in your wallet with the mobile phone in your pocket.

With CardValet® you can protect yourself anytime! You can turn your FBFCU VISA Debit Card on when you want to use it and off when you don't. Can't find your Card? Turn your Card off in seconds and then simply turn it back on when you find it (under the couch). Want to limit the use of where your card can be used? Mobile Banking with CardValet® lets you do that too.

CardValet® is included in our Mobile Banking app and allows you to manage your FBFCU VISA Debit Card from your phone. It's easy to use and even easier to download. Just visit your App store today.
Mobile Banking with CardValet® enables you to:

  • Block and unblock your Card when you lose it or at your convenience,
  • Limit transaction amounts on your Card,
  • Limit transaction locations for your Card,
  • Limit transaction type (including what Merchants) on your Card,
  • Review your Card transactions
  • Instantly receive alerts on your Card transactions.

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